Programs for sellers

What are the different programs ValoreBooks offers for sellers?

ValoreBooks offers many solutions for students and stores to sell their books:

  1. Sell: Listing items on ValoreBooks Sell instantly connects you to millions of potential customers. If you are not yet a user, read more about our Sell program here.
  2. Enterprise Sales Program (ESP): High preforming users enrolled in our Sell program can enter into ESP. ESP exposes your inventory to enterprise-level buyers, increasing sales and reducing seasonal dependencies. Read more about ESP here.
  3. ValoreBooks Sellback: Ideal for students or those with a small quality of items to sell, ValoreBooks Sellback provides instant quotes for used textbooks. We provide the shipping label and issue a payment via PayPal or check. Read more about Sellback here.
  4. ValoreBooks Rental: Interested in renting out your books in addition to or instead of selling? Read more about our Rental program here.

Is there a program to bulk sell inventory?

Yes! ValoreBooks Stock Assist allows users to quickly sell unwanted inventory in bulk. Get instant, free, competitive quotes on your excess textbook inventory and sell with ease. Read more about Stock Assist here.

Is there a program that supports stores during buyback?

Yes! The ValoreBooks Marketplace Buyback program helps stores and their students generate additional sales through buyback. Conduct a second scan buyback that leverages marketplace demand and pricing for your students. Read more about Buyback here.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes! If you're interested in becoming an affiliate you can read more on this page.

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