Audit Reporting

Valore provides rental audit reporting. Below is a detailed breakdown of the thirteen statuses in this report.

  • Unconfirmed - The item has not yet been confirmed by you, the rental provider.
  • Cancelled/Refunded - The item has been canceled by Valore (e.g., the item was not confirmed) or by you. Or, the item has received a refund (e.g. the renter returned the item within 30 days as a regular return). The rental process has stopped.
  • Chargeback - A chargeback has been filed on the initial transaction. This stops the rental process (late/buyout fees will not be charged).
  • CS Intervention - Valore Customer Service has stopped the rental process due to a customer service issue. 
  • Return Processed - The item has been included in a rental return upload file.
  • Return Initiated - The renter has generated a label and the item has a valid return tracking number. See the tracking column to track the progress.
  • Buyout Fee Charged - The renter has been charged the full buyout fee (they did not return the item).
  • Purchased - The renter purchased the item before the return deadline. 
  • In Rental Period - The item is not any of the above, and the deadline has not passed. Note that if an extension was charged this extends their "in rental period" time. 
  • Deadline Passed (In Grace Period) - The renter has not initiated a return and the return deadline has passed within the past 5 days. The renter will be charged on day 6.
  • Deadline Passed (Late Fee Attempted) - Valore attempted to charge a late fee. If a late fee is successful, it will extend the rental period.
  • Deadline Passed (Recycle Period) - Valore attempted to charge a buyout, but it failed (e.g. the renter did not have enough funds in their account at the time of the charge). Our credit card provider will make additional attempts within a 30 day period (known as a "recycle").
  • Deadline Passed (Recycle Failed) - A successful buyout charge did not occur during the recycle period. The rental process has stopped.

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