Manage your inventory

To add an item to ValoreBooks:

  • Login to your Valorebooks Sell account.
  • Click ‘Sell an Item’.
  • Enter the ISBN, condition, quantity, price, SKU, book type, and comments for your book or textbook.
  • Click ‘Sell This Item’.
  • Your book will appear immediately on the ValoreBooks website.

To edit or delete an item on ValoreBooks:

  • Login to your ValoreBooks Sell account.
  • Click ‘Edit Inventory’.
  • Find the book you’d like to edit or delete.
  • Click ‘Edit’ to update book information or ‘Delete’ to remove the item from your inventory.

Add/remove/update via FTP:

Click here for our full FTP order management documentation.

How can I pause my inventory if I go on vacation or am unavailable?

Sellers have the ability to pause their inventory if they go on vacation, or if they’re unable to ship out books or confirm orders in the required time frame. To place your inventory on vacation:

  • Login to your ValoreBooks Sell account.
  • Click ‘Selling Options’.
  • Click ‘Pause Listings’.
  • Click ‘Save Changes’.

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