Returns and payments

Renter Expectations

Starting 45 days after the rental order was created, the renter has the ability to print a free shipping label from their account. They are expected to return the item before the end of the rental period.

Late Fees

If the renter does not ship their return by the end of the rental period, they will automatically be charged an extension fee and granted an additional 15 days to return their item(s).

Processing Returns

Rental providers should verify returns using the Rental Return Files as outlined in the Automation Process manual. Checking in a return stops the rental process for the renter. 

Damaged Returns

If the renter damages their item during the rental period, you as the provider can document the damage with the Rental Return File. In the "return-acceptable" column insert a 0 to indicate the item is not in acceptable condition.

Wrong Item Returned

If the renter returned an item that did not belong to you, please contact Valore customer service for assistance:

We will work with the renter to identify which provider the item belonged to, as well as collect a return label for you to use.

Returns Lost In Transit

If the item shows sufficient progress through the postal system, the renter will not be charged a replacement fee for returns lost in transit.

Return labels are generated from the shipping account you provided. As the owner of this account, you will need to contact the carrier for any inquiries into items lost in transit.


If the renter does not return their item within the extension period, they will be charged the buyout price of the book(s). At that point in time, they will become the owner of their rental book.


If ValoreBooks is unable to charge the renter's credit card for a period of 30 days, the account may be sent to the Lessor who reserves the rights to send it to a collections agency. Additional collection fees may be charged if sent to a collections agency.

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