Recommended seller program

What is the recommended seller program?

The Recommended Seller Program shows our customers the most popular and trusted sellers in our marketplace. Recommended Sellers get a logo next to their seller name and badges next to all their listings, signifying to millions of customers that you’re a seller they can trust.

What are the benefits?

Becoming a Recommended Seller has its perks. For providing excellent service we reward you by placing your full inventory in the "Recommended Seller" on the top of our product listings pages. We also place a "Recommended Seller" badge next to your name on your profile page and product listings pages to stand out from the crowd. With better visibility, the program has shown to increase seller sales up to 30%.


  • You’ve fulfilled at least 250 orders
  • At least 90% of your customer feedback is positive
  • At least 90% of your orders are confirmed (meaning you cancel 10% or less of your orders)
  • At least 80% of your orders include shipment tracking

How to meet the requirements:

Answer customer questions immediately!

  • Our target market is the college student. Most college students are on tight deadlines and need their textbooks fast! Slow responses to inquiries will result in lost textbook sales, and negative seller feedback ratings.

Upload order tracking for all orders.

  • We suggest all Marketplace Sellers upload order tracking for their orders. This will ease the mind of the customer as they can track their package and you can verify that your item has been delivered. 

List your textbooks in the appropriate book condition.

  • To prevent returns and negative feedback we suggest that all Marketplace Sellers list their textbooks in the appropriate book condition. If your textbook is not new, make sure to place it in the appropriate book condition: like new, very good, good or acceptable.

Add descriptive book comments.

  • Adding descriptive comments such as cover ware, highlighting, notes, CD included, and any other important information will help aid the customer while purchasing their textbook. Textbooks that provide descriptive comments have a much better chance of selling than textbooks that lack descriptive details.

Orders completed.

  • We require sellers to have a history of completing at least 250 sales on our marketplace. This will help verify that the seller has a strong history of quality sales on our website. If you are looking to increase sales make sure to actively compare your prices to ensure you are staying competitive on the marketplace.

Keep your inventory up to date.

  • Top textbooks sell by the thousands each day during the back to school seasons. Therefore, keeping your inventory up to date is key. Any canceled order results in a lost customer and will negatively impact your confirmation and feedback rating.
  • If you are looking to fully automate your inventory, please view our Seller Automation Manual.

How to upload order tracking (manual/automated).

  • To upload order tracking manually though the website, please review our Order Tracking FAQ.
  • To automate order tracking you can upload the information in the confirmation file, or create a separate "Tracking File". For adding tracking to your confirmation file, all you need to include is the tracking ID and tracking source (USPS, UPS, UPS-MI, DHL or DHLGM).
  • If you are sending over a separate "Tracking File" drop the file in your "Tracking" folder in your FTP account. The only info that is needed for this file is order id, item id, tracking id and tracking source.

How do I become a recommended seller?

Your account must meet the requirements listed above. Accounts are reviewed for eligibility on a quarterly basis. If you feel your account meets the requirements and you wish to be enrolled before the next review, please contact us.

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