ValoreBooks strongly suggests that sellers upload tracking information for every order, as we require an 95% or better tracking rate in order to keep your account active. This allows customers to track their item(s) and allows you to verify delivery.

If you include tracking it must be valid.

How do I upload order tracking information?

Sellers can upload tracking information through our website or through order confirmation files. To upload tracking information via our website:

  • Login to your Valorebooks Sell account.
  • Click ‘Upload Tracking’.
  • Select the appropriate order.
  • Select the appropriate shipping carrier.
  • Enter the tracking number.
  • Select the appropriate order(s) by clicking the check box to the right of the order.
  • Click ‘Upload Tracking’ at the bottom of the page.

To learn how to upload tracking information via our automated FTP processing, please read our Seller Automation Manual.

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