Resolving customer issues

How do I contact my customer(s)?

It’s imperative that you contact your customer with any updates or relevant information regarding their order. To retrieve your customer's e-mail address:

  • Login to your Valorebooks Marketplace Sell account.
  • Click ‘View Sales’.
  • Select the appropriate order.
  • The customer's e-mail address can be found with the order details. 

My customer is asking to cancel the order.

Order cancelation is at the discretion of the seller. However, we suggest canceling an order whenever possible to reduce returns. If you have not yet shipped your order and wish to cancel the order for the customer, follow these steps:

  • Login to your Valorebooks Sell account.
  • Click ‘Orders Pending’.
  • Select the appropriate order.
  • Click ‘Cancel Selected’.
  • Your customer will automatically receive an e-mail indicating their order has been canceled.

My customer is reporting their item has not arrived.

The seller is responsible for providing proof of shipment and ensuring the item arrives to it's destination. If the customer is reporting their item has not arrived, confirm the following:

  1. Check the tracking number on the carrier's website for the status of the item. If the tracking shows the item is in transit or delivered, share this information with your customer so they can locate the package.
  2. If the item has failed to reach it's destination, or you do not have tracking for the package, and the delivery window is more than two days past the expected date, offer your customer a refund for the lost package. You may be able to file a claim with the carrier to seek reimbursement (e.g. here is the USPS claim procedure).
  3. If you are unable to resolve the issue for your customer or have additional questions, please contact us for assistance.

My customer wants to return their item.

Customers are eligible for return refunds as long as returned items are post marked within 30 days of the purchase date. They should follow these steps to create the return.

Sellers are expected to refund customers for returns within 5 days of receipt. Sellers are allowed to keep a 10% restocking fee on discretionary returns.

Tip: A seller may offer a partial or full refund for an order without having the item returned. Customers may be willing to keep an item for a partial refund. We suggest these types of refunds in cases where the item is damaged in transit. However, customers are not required to accept partial/full refunds in lieu of a return if they do not wish to do so.

What are discretionary returns?

A discretionary return is when a customer either changes their mind about their purchase or no longer wants the item. Any return that does not fall into these categories are discretionary returns:

  • Item damaged in transit or was received in a lower quality than listed. See our grading guidelines.
  • Item received has a different ISBN/edition/binding type than what was purchased.
  • Item received in an incomplete set, e.g. only volume 1 out of 2 was shipped.
  • Item is illegal, fraudulent, counterfeit or a pirated copy.

My customer has an issue I can't resolve.

We encourage customers to contact sellers prior to contacting ValoreBooks customer service. However, if there are any issues that you cannot resolve, feel free to contact us with the details and we will help!

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