Seller policies


Communication issues may cause problems that can lead to the suspension or closure of your account. Account information must be kept up to date.

  • Your payment information must be kept up to date to ensure that you receive your payments.
  • Your email address should be current and able to receive emails from ValoreBooks and ValoreBooks customers.
  • You must record a valid phone number for anti-fraud purposes.
  • Ensure that your email is not filtering messages from ValoreBooks.


Please respond to all customer communications within two business days. Seller correspondence should include responses directed and pertaining to buyer inquiries in regard to orders only.

If you are unable to resolve an issue for your customer, contact ValoreBooks Sell Support at If you fail to reply to a customer or provide a solution as outlined in these policies, ValoreBooks Customer Support may intervene on behalf of the customer and may take actions against your account as necessary.

Seller e-mails may not include the following:

  • Personal attacks or derogatory comments
  • Threats or threats of legal action of any kind
  • Swearing or any inappropriate language
  • Links to any outside websites
  • Marketing messages or promotions of any kind
  • Any promotion for additional products or referral to third-party products or promotions

Feedback communications

  • ValoreBooks agrees that customers have the right to submit feedback based on their perception of their buying experience
  • Do not solicit feedback removal from customers more than once a month
  • ValoreBooks Sell Support will review feedback removal requests, but will limit removals to one per month

The following sanctions may be taken against sellers who do not comply with these communication guidelines:


All books must be listed in the appropriate condition with the exact matching ISBN. Listing a book incorrectly may result in your listings being suspended. Repeat offenses may result in seller suspension. Items should be ready for shipment within 48 hours of making a sale.

In addition, the below practices infringe on our listing policy:

  • Listing inaccurate book information
  • Listing books under a different edition or volume number
  • Listing books in the wrong book type
  • Listing books in an inaccurate condition
  • Using promotional codes in book comments
  • Promoting a website in book comments
  • Listing fraudulent or counterfeit items


Auto Cancel
Sellers must confirm or cancel orders within 48 hours, excluding weekends and holidays. If an item isn’t confirmed or canceled within the required time frame, ValoreBooks will automatically cancel the order. Once an order is automatically canceled, ValoreBooks can no longer bill the customer. Do not ship canceled orders. 
If an order is auto-canceled and the seller has already been paid, a refund will be deducted from their account.

Order Confirmation

ValoreBooks will automatically send sellers an e-mail notification when a customer has purchased an item. The customer's shipping address is located in the order notification e-mail, order invoice, and in the ValoreBooks Sell account.

To confirm an order:

  • Login to your ValoreBooks Sell account.
  • Click ‘Orders Pending’.
  • Select the appropriate order(s).
  • Click ‘Confirm Selected’.
  • 24 hours after you confirm your order, your customer will receive an e-mail indicating their order has shipped.


Sellers who are unable to fulfill an order must cancel it on our website. To cancel an order:

  • Login to your Valorebooks Sell account.
  • Click ‘Orders Pending’.
  • Select the appropriate order.
  • Click ‘Cancel Selected’.
  • Your customer will automatically receive an e-mail indicating their order has been canceled.

Drop Ships

Drop shipping is the practice of purchasing a sold item from a third party to fulfill an order. Sellers should refrain from drop shipping to improve the overall experience for customers. Any additional costs associated with drop shipping cannot be passed to the customer. The payment issued at checkout is final.

ESP/MPP sellers must not dropship items to our logistics center as they will not have the appropriate information for processing.

Repeat offenders may be suspended or removed from ValoreBooks.


Orders must be shipped within 24 hours after they’ve been confirmed. Sellers are required to ship items with a shipping method that will ensure delivery within the timeframes listed below:
  • Priority Mail: 3-5 business days
  • Media Mail: 4-14 business days
We suggest that sellers securely package their items so they won’t be damaged during shipping.
Sellers can print order invoices to include with their shipments. To print an order invoice:
  • Login to your ValoreBooks Sell account.
  • Click ‘Orders Pending’ or ‘View Sales’.
  • Select the appropriate order(s).
  • Click ‘Print Orders’ at the bottom of the page.

ESP Shipments

ESP orders must be shipped to our logistics center:

Valore ESP

6700 Sloane Drive

Little Rock, AR 72206

In order to correctly process your item at our logistics center you must include the order ID either outside the package or inside on the invoice. Many sellers opt to include the order ID in the recipient address line. For example: "ESP ORDER 712394".

Please keep items in the same order together if possible. If you have to separate the order across multiple boxes, include the order ID and/or invoice in EACH package.

If you ship different orders in the same package, please include a copy of the invoice with each item (e.g. tuck the invoice inside the first page of the book).

Confirmation of Delivery
We strongly recommend that sellers upload tracking information for every order. By using order tracking, you can confirm order delivery should your customer claim they didn’t receive it.


Customer Returns

Customers are eligible for return refunds as long as returned items are post marked within 30 days of the purchase date. Customers are instructed to contact sellers prior to returning.

Sellers are expected to refund customers for returns within 5 days of receipt. Sellers are allowed to keep a 10% restocking fee on discretionary returns.

A seller may offer a partial or full refund for an order without having the item returned. Customers may be willing to keep an item for a partial refund. We suggest these types of refunds in cases where the item is damaged in transit. However, customers are not required to accept partial/full refunds in lieu of a return if they do not wish to do so.

Non Arrivals or Lost In Transit

The seller is responsible for providing proof of shipment and ensuring the item arrives to it's destination. If the customer is reporting their item has not arrived, confirm the following:

  1. Check the tracking number on the carrier's website for the status of the item. If the tracking shows the item is in transit or delivered, share this information with your customer so they can locate the package.
  2. If the item has failed to reach it's destination, or you do not have tracking for the package, and the delivery window is more than a week past the expected date, offer your customer a refund for the lost package. You may be able to file a claim with the carrier to seek reimbursement (e.g. here is the USPS claim procedure).
  3. If you are unable to resolve the issue for your customer or have additional questions, please contact us for assistance.

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