What do I do when I make a sale?

How will I know if my books have been sold?

We’ll automatically send you an e-mail notification when a customer has purchased an item from your inventory.

I sold an item! What do I do now?

Great! Pull the item from your inventory and prepare to ship. Your customer's shipping address is located in your order notification e-mail, order invoice, and in your ValoreBooks Marketplace Sell account. See our Shipping section for additional tips and help. You'll need to confirm the order to complete the sale.

How do I print an invoice?

 Sellers can print order invoices to include with their shipments. To print an order invoice:

  • Login to your ValoreBooks Sell account.
  • Click ‘Orders Pending’ or ‘View Sales’.
  • Select the appropriate order(s).
  • Click ‘Print Orders’ at the bottom of the page.

How do I confirm my order(s)?

 Sellers must confirm their orders on our website to fully process the transaction. To confirm an order:

  • Login to your ValoreBooks Sell account.
  • Click ‘Orders Pending’.
  • Select the appropriate order(s).
  • Click ‘Confirm Selected’.
  • 24 hours after you confirm your order, your customer will receive an e-mail indicating their order has shipped.

Note: After confirming an order, it will no longer appear under ‘Orders Pending’.

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