User Guide: List or Update Inventory

Step 1.)  Prepare your inventory file using the following guidelines:

File formats

At ValoreBooks, our goal is to make it easy to upload your inventory file. That’s why we accept files in Amazon and Monsoon formats. You can also create a ValoreBooks inventory file. When creating a ValoreBooks inventory file (instructions can be found below) please save your file as a ".csv (comma ',' separated fields), ".pdl" (pipe '|' separated fields), or ".txt" (tab '/t' separated fields). A header row containing the field names required by ValoreBooks must be included. Field names in your inventory file must match the specified field names below exactly.

Data fields and formatting

Note: Field names are not case sensitive. Do not enclose any of the following field values in quotes.


Step 2.)  Sign in to your ValoreBooks Sell account.

Step 3.)  Click ‘Upload Inventory’ under ‘Marketplace Selling’.

Step 4.)  Upload your inventory file

Step 5.)  Check your email for your upload confirmation and results.

Step 1.)  Sign in to your ValoreBooks Sell account.

Step 2.)  Click ‘Sell an Item’ under ‘Marketplace Selling’.

Step 3.)  Enter the ISBN of the book you want to sell as shown below

Step 4.)  Fill in the appropriate fields, then click ‘Sell this item’.


1. To ensure that your inventory lists are up to date, and that you are not listing  an item for sale on our site that you have already sold elsewhere, we ask that you update your inventory as often as possible. Canceling more than 10% of your orders will result in your exclusion from our Recommended Sellers Program.

2. To become a Recommended Seller in our Marketplace, we encourage you to include detailed item comments in your inventory listings. The more transparency you give potential customers into the books they are buying (condition of the book, level of highlighting, etc), the more positive feedback you will receive.

Step 1.)  Prepare your partial inventory file using the same guidelines listed above under ‘Upload an inventory file’.

Note: Partial inventory files do not replace your current inventory file. Instead, they allow you to add, modify, or delete items from your existing inventory.

Step 2.)   Log into your account

Step 3.)    Click on the ‘Upload Inventory’ link under 'Marketplace Selling’

Step 4.)    Select your partial inventory file

Step 5.)    In the dropdown for ‘Type of upload’, select ‘Partial – Add/Modify/Delete’

Step 6.)   Click ‘Upload file’ to complete the process. 

Step 1.)   Log into your account

Step 2.)   Click on the ‘Edit Inventory’ link under ‘Marketplace Selling’

Delete or edit quantities/prices as necessary

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