Signing up

As one of the largest and most trusted online student marketplaces, the Valorebooks Marketplace attracts over 10 million students each year. Our customers are looking for your textbooks & books. They search by keyword or ISBN, compare prices, and buy items. All you have to do is ship those items and get paid. It’s that easy! Better yet, you can:

  • List for free. You’ll never pay fees unless your items sell, meaning you’ll never lose money with us. We only charge a 15% commission on items you sell.
  • Manage with ease. Upload your inventory in a single file, start selling within minutes, and we’ll notify you when an item has been sold. We’ll even process and collect payments on your behalf.
  • Grow your business. We'll put your inventory in front of millions of students, each of whom visits the Valorebooks Marketplace to buy, sell, or rent.
How do I sign up for Sell?
  1. Navigate to the seller landing page and click the "Register Now" link.
  2. Complete the registration form.
  3. Activate and verify account.
  4. You're done! Log into your account and start listing your inventory

How do I sign up for Sellback?

There is no sign up required for Sellback. Simply navigate to the sellback page and enter in the ISBNs of the items you wish to sell.

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