About ESP

What is ESP?

Our Enterprise Sales Program was designed for sellers who won’t shy away from large bulk orders and are looking to reduce their seasonal dependency. With this program, every day (multiple times a day), we'll take whatever inventory of yours that hasn't been bought by students and put it in front of the enterprise-level buyers who compete for inventory in our one-of-a-kind buyback marketplace. The result? A powerful new buying audience that will take your sales to the next level and smooth out your seasonality.

What are the benefits of ESP?

  • Increase sales and reduce seasonal dependencies.
  • Gain exclusive access to a network of reliable bulk buyers.
  • Increase sales by as much as 100% during peak season.
  • Increase sales by as much as 1500% during non-peak season.

What are the requirements for ESP?

  • Ability to process and ship bulk orders within 48 hours.
  • Confirm and ship at least 90% of orders.
  • Supply tracking on 100% of shipped orders.
  • Supply packing slips for all orders in each shipment.
  • Ability to accept returns up to 35 days after purchase.
  • Follow our grading standards. Items in good condition and above are eligible.

How do I enroll?

Contact us and we'll get you started!

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