ESP Shipping

Where do I ship ESP items?

The address provided on ESP orders is our logistics center. The address is as follows:

Valore ESP

6700 Sloane Drive

Little Rock, AR 72206

Do I receive a shipping credit?
Yes, just as you would with a regular Sell order, you will receive a shipping reimbursement of $2.69. It will be included in your payment for the order. These items may be shipped through USPS media mail.

What info should I include in my shipment?

In order to correctly process your item at our logistics center you must include the order ID either outside the package or inside on the invoice. Many sellers opt to include the order ID in the recipient address line. For example: "ESP ORDER 712394".

Please keep items in the same order together if possible. If you have to separate the order across multiple boxes, include the order ID and/or invoice in EACH package.

If you ship different orders in the same package, please include a copy of the invoice with each item (e.g. tuck the invoice inside the first page of the book).

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