Performance Goals

What are the expected performance goals?

To provide an excellent experience for our customers, we review each seller monthly based on these three performance indicators. Your goal is to achieve 95% or higher in each.

  • Confirmation rate
  • Tracking rate
  • Feedback

Confirmation rate

Confirmation rate is the amount of items confirmed within the required 48 hour time period, over the course of one month. If you need a reminder on how to confirm your orders, check out our friendly user guide. If you're having issues confirming your orders, reach out to us and we'll see if we can help.

Tracking rate

Tracking rate is the amount of shipped items that have tracking. You can read more about adding tracking here.

How can I see my feedback?

Your lifetime feedback is located on your seller profile page. Your monthly feedback will be emailed to typically around the middle of each month.

What happens if I fall short of these performance goals?

For most infractions, someone from our team will reach out to you. We'll see if we can assist or provide more information that can help identify and address the problem. We are relatively flexible and understand that most issues are temporary or fixable.

For serious or repeated infractions, your account may be paused. In those cases, we'll ask you to provide a remediation plan. If we agree to the plan, your account will be reinstated, and we'll monitor your future performance.

If you cannot correct the issues affecting these goals or disrupt our marketplace in some egregious manner (such as breaking our participation agreement), your account may be banned.

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